The 2019 Icons of Whisky Awards are here and for the first time, China will be included as a sub-region to our Rest of World Awards. 

We are also proud to announce that the 2019 awards will also include three new bar categories; Bar of the Year, Bar Group of the Year and Hotel Bar of the Year. These establishments play a huge part in spreading the word about good whiskies and it is with that in mind that Whisky Magazine now recognises the best that the bar-world has to offer.

Nominations are currently open for:

America – nominate your Icons here:

India – nominate your Icons here:

Rest of World (all regions excluding those with their own awards and China) – nominate your Icons here: 

The 2019 Icons of Whisky Awards conclude with the global finale, the Whisky Magazine Awards London 2019. Hosted by Whisky Magazine on March 29 2019 at the HAC in London, winners from each region will compete to be crowned the global winner.

Tickets can be bought for the Whisky Magazine Awards London 2019 here – https://wmal2019.eventbrite.co.uk