The Icons of Whisky are firstly presented regionally; in America, Australia, China, Ireland, Scotland and Rest of World. Those successful within their region then compete for the global title.

The Icons of Whisky Awards are a celebration of the years of hard work that go into every bottle. From the distillers themselves and brand ambassadors, to visitor centre managers, bars, bar tenders and the industry’s communicators – a great deal of craftsmanship, skill and knowledge are imparted at each stage of the process. This is our way of saying thank you to the individuals and producers for their dedication to each innovative release, visitor experience or expert retail service, delivered in a tireless fashion.

Anthony Denny, Publisher and Managing Editor of Whisky Magazine said: “In an industry that, year after year, continues to improve its game on every level, this year’s Icons of Whisky have been awarded to some truly outstanding companies and individuals, hailing from all over the world. By their own supreme efforts, they have succeeded not just in earning themselves well deserved recognition, but have demonstrated just how dynamic and innovative the whole industry is. It is a real pleasure to celebrate with them.”

We are delighted to reveal to you the finest companies and people in the whisky industry as we proudly present the 2021 winners.